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Yoga Alliance E-RYT. AAAI/ISMA, Phase I & II, Advanced. 12,500+ teaching hours I introduced Power Yoga to Dallas, TX in 1996 and subsequently opened Dallas' first Power Yoga studio in 2000. My “yoga journey" began in 1990 ~ inspired by the practice and philosophy of two of the original Masters ~ Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar. Throughout the years, I practiced with and learned from the many, many great Yogi’s & Yogini’s who made it their life service to share, pass-it-on, help all of us & our planet heal ~ Beryl Bender Birch, David Swenson, Eric Schiffman, Mark Blanchard & many, many, many more. My greatest Mentor, Bryan Kest, remains a constant in my life ~ his philosophies, teachings & practice resonate…..being true to yourself. My professional life has been dedicated to “helping others heal.”  Beginning in 1982, I taught health/fitness education classes; and by the early 90′s, was guided to yoga postures & the yoga journey.  I've enjoyed sharing with thousands of students over these very many years, having taught an estimated 12,500+ classes & counseled hundreds who sought comfort & guidance with personal challenges.Read More
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Samatone Yoga
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Samatone Yoga Style / Sama = To show great respect / Tone = Vibration ..... For over 20 years, our greatest intention has been to share a power yoga practice that is accessible to everyone. That’s why, here at Samatone Yoga, we encourage all walks of life to join us -- our yoga is for EVERY body; whether just beginning their yoga journey or looking for a change. Prepare to renew and reflect with our unique yet traditional practice of vinyasa flow with breath, alignment, and internal tone -- a soft hum that quiets the nervous system and tension-ful areas of the body. Whether you desire to be challenged physically, relieve stress, or courageously face "your stuff", you'll leave this practice glowing, stress-free and totally energized!Read More
Daryna Varankover
over 2 years ago
Love it!
over 2 years ago
My first complete class!!!!! Very excited! The sound and screen it’s perfect, like being in the studio
John Galbraith
over 1 year ago
this is the 3rd online class I've done with Suzy. She is a wonderful passionate instructor and I really love her class. Sorry but my only issue is with the streaming. I did not get the first 8 minutes of class and then it cut out the last 10 mins
Destiny Wagner
over 1 year ago
Fantastic alternative for when one is unable to attend class at the studio. Suze's descriptions were detailed and easy to follow so I did not feel lost or like I had to look at the screen to see others in the poses.
Allie VanZandt
over 1 year ago
Paige Demas
over 1 year ago
awesome class!