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I teach yoga in a way that is challenging and fun. I incorporate many aspects of yoga for a well-rounded experience for all levels in a group environment. If someone is absolute beginner, very advanced, or has special needs, I am available for private one-on-one sessions online and in person. Reach out directly if you have any questions. www.rickytranyoga.comRead More
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Yoga for Kids (ages 5-10-ish) Stuck at Home with Ricky Tran
yoga for kids stuck at home
A mindful, yet playful yoga practice for kids stuck at home. You'll need a yoga mat and some imagination! LIVE classes will be FREE and if you want 24/7 unlimited access to REPLAY ON-DEMAND classes, it's only $4.99 per month! I have two additional channels for: Adults: https://immerss.live/ricky-tran-bba-e-ryt-500-cba/navanga-yoga-virtual-shala-with-ricky-tran-bba-e-ryt-500-cba-679  Teens: https://immerss.live/ricky-tran-bba-e-ryt-500-cba/athletic-yoga-for-teens-with-ricky-tran-bba-erty500-cba Read More
Jazmin Melody Mendoza
6 months ago
Shiloh loved the bumblebee breath!!