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Mila Rybakova-Eppler. International yoga teacher with over 12 years of experience leading yoga classes in Ukraine, leading and organising yoga retreats and workshops in Europe, Africa and India. Certification and proffesional education: 2007 - Tri Yoga Teacher Training 2011 - Certified Ishvara Yoga Teacher Training, 200hr 2012 - Certified trainings in psycolodgy «Emotional Intellect» 2012 - training in Kundalini Yoga by Reinhard Gammenthaller 2014 - Certified Art therapie trainer 2014 - Certified trainer in Methaphorical transformation game «Life Wheel» 2018 - Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, 300hr (USA) Through all this journey of studying and practicing yoga, Mila’s passions include Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, Women’s Yoga Practices and Healing techniques. Mila teaches private classes, group classes, and workshops on following yoga practices: - Ishvara yoga - Yoga for women - Beginner yoga - Vinyasa Flow - Yoga for the spine - Pranayama - Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga - Yoga nidra - Meditation - Fly Yoga. «My mission as a social activist is to help people develop a connection with their own body and their own nature, for a happier, more fulfilling life in family and society, regardless of social, national and religious boundaries. My advice for successful and safe Yoga experience is to practice with love for your body, be attentive and patient and enjoy the practice. Let yoga be the key for you in the subtle understanding and acceptance of yourself!» /Mila/
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