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Join a fast-growing, worldwide community of millions of like-minded people, who share your values. Who believe in unity without compromising diversity. Who believe that self-expression is a divine gift and right, and are ready to create a more beautiful, self-sufficient, joyful, and loving world together.

Your Network. Your Channel. Your Voice

UNITE is a secure, worldwide multi-media platform dedicated to creators and their communities designed to support the gift of self expression  

  • Educators
  • Speakers
  • Influencers
  • Dancers & Musicians
  • Artists
  • Yoga Practitioners
  • Journalist
  • Authors
  • Writers
  • Health Providers
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Political Activists

Platform Benefits



Instantly setup your livestreaming platform, video-based enterprise solution or marketplace



Anyone, anywhere, can start a video and livestreaming-based business; get their own "Netflix" or "Youtube"



Build a business that suits your specific requirements; ‘pick and choose’ the features, customize the look and branding



Adapt and implement new emerging technology and solutions at an accelerated pace


UNITE is a multimedia platform that empowers content creators, influencers, and enterprise businesses to deploy and monetize a wide variety of services and content.

Customize your network to offer your community a variety of channels designed to educate, entertain, and enlighten.

UNITE Features

Lead Generation

Activate our lead generation and list building feature, by instantly converting your content into a lead magnet. This exciting feature will enable creators to build a secure following, capturing exactly those customers and followers who love your work, products and services, helping to convert and scale both revenue and impact.

Email generates $36 for every $1 you spend building it. That's a 3500% return on your investment. How many other assets in your business give you that kind of return? 


Livestreams and Replays

  • With customizable design, and instant replays, offers you a Live-streaming Network to share your mission and gifts with the world. It's Your Channel.
  • Set Your Price or Give For Free. Create a live-streaming experience that helps support YOU and your audience.
  • Design your content to match your network and channels.

Public and Private Video Conferencing

Speak directly to your audience with secure conferencing.

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Host Public and Private Events
  • Secure Private Meeting Rooms
  • Doctor-Patient Visits
  • Set Your Price or Give For Free

Global Community

  • Engage your audience within your Interactive Community using Direct Commenting, Live Chat, and featured video commenting.  
  • Send newsletters directly to your list of subscribers and keep them updated on the latest news.


  • UNITE is more than just video streaming.
  • Publish your work and give your audience something to read by customizing a unique article or daily blog.
  • Share ebooks and other documents to help support your brand and content.

Options to Monetize

5 ways to monetize. 1 platform.

  • Enable subscriptions with access to exclusive content
  • Set your price for public livestreams
  • Customize a Product Store that matches your content and gives your community access to your goods and services.
  • Set your price for Private Consultations
  • Enable Pay-Per-View 

UNITE provides a safe place to freely express yourself, your opinions, and your passions. 

Share Your Voice

Your voice has value and your mission is important.    

Be YOU! 


Create Experiences

It’s more than just streaming. UNITE lets you
create live interactive experiences to truly
connect with your audience


Embrace Freedom

Let us run and host your channels for you
so you can focus on what really matters -


Protect your business and your future with UNITE.

The REAL Costs of "Free" Media Platforms

Many people are under the incorrect assumption that mainstream digital media platforms are free or low-cost.

The truth is that the costs are many and incredibly high.


A content hosting platform should give you freedom and opportunity, not oversight and limitations.


Without notice, other platforms will remove your brand entirely. Taking with it the ability to reach your community and provide your services. 

Zero Data Privacy

Some platforms choose to harvest your follower's data through extraction and sell that information to cover costs. 

Zero Control

From using your hard-earned follower’s data to deciding which content is allowed to be promoted or viewed, these other platforms are deciding how your message, and your business, should be managed.



Who's With Us Already...

Hear what a few of our creators have to say about UNITE

“Unite.Live came just in the nick of time for Alfa Vedic as many of the major Silicon Valley platforms have been taking down a lot of our most important content under the guise of ‘medical misinformation’ and other bogus reasons. It has been such a pleasure to work with the Unite team, knowing they stand for free speech and have our back during these times of unprecedented censorship!” ~ Mike Winner
"Unite is more than just a word. It's more than just a platform.   It's what we get to do. It's time to UNITE. It's time we collaborate, and we speak the truth confidently, and we encourage other people to do the same thing."~ Jim Gale
"Unite is the first easy-to-use and censorship free platform that has allowed Stand for Health Freedom to freely engage our audience LIVE without fear of disruption. Our members love the platform too!" ~ Leah Wilson
"UNITE is hands down the best alternative platform for content creators. It's intuitive and easy to use, integrates well with multiple streaming options, and best of all it's censorship free."~ Alec Zeck  

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