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I have been practicing since 1991 and teaching since 2006. I love teaching yoga and offer a variety of classes from Beginner to Sculpt.
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Yoga Synergy
Find Synergy in mind, body, spirit healing with Yoga Synergy. Learn, get active, meditate and relax. We cover it all here. Relax and get fit! <3
Yoga classes offered online for convenience and affordability that you can do wherever and whenever you are most comfortable. I have over 30 years experience in teaching yoga, fitness and wellness to offer you the best for your healing! This is a lifelong journey full of lessons, discovery and healing, why not do it together interactively! Interact with us through live streamed classes and on our blog. More is coming so stay tuned!Read More
Jill Powell
9 months ago
Loved this class! Happy birthday!
Jill Powell
9 months ago
The diffuser running in the microphone is pretty distracting on this one! Otherwise a great relaxing sequence.
Joseph Lopez
over 1 year ago
I like the balloon. :) I am tired at 25 minutes, and will try for more later. Easy to follow, good verbal direction and reminders on exhale and inhale times for rank amateurs like me. Thank you!
Joseph Lopez
over 1 year ago
Jamie Reeves has motivated me to actually do an hour of yoga. I had sound problems on my end, and it was a learning curve on where to put my phone to see what was next, but she was still very easy to follow. Thank you!